Share Your Talents - Be an Alumni Volunteer!

Shippensburg University is known for its spirit of giving. Not only does the SU family appreciate your financial support, but your volunteered time, your participation at events, and your ideas for improvement. To volunteer or learn more about any of these volunteer opportunities, email or call (717) 477-1218. Thank you for your continued generosity.

The Alumni Admissions Program helps maintain our tradition of academic excellence by encouraging academically talented students to apply and attend Shippensburg University. As part of the program, you will provide the "personal attention" and "encouragement" that can make the difference between a student choosing Ship or another institution. Providing your perspective as an alumnus is the most important component to the success of this program and is an invaluable element that helps the University reach and possibly exceed its overall undergraduate enrollment goals.

Admitted Student Letters (November & February)

Receiving an acceptance letter to continue their educational endeavors is one of the most exciting times for a prospective student. The goal of these letters will be for you to craft a short, welcoming and congratulatory message together that you may share with our admitted students. For some students, they may still have some questions, while others may not have visited campus yet. We hope that this initiative will add a personal touch from a non-admissions SHIP Family member. Envelopes and University letterhead can be mailed directly to your home prior to beginning your letters.

Confirmed Student Note Cards (March)

Maximizing our yield percentages by holding on to students through each phase of the admissions cycle is key. Once an applicant submits their enrollment confirmation deposit, our next step is to engage with them until their Summer Orientation day where they select their classes and officially enroll. These post cards are to welcome them to the SHIP family. We also want to thank them for choosing SHIP and tell them that SHIP is excited to see them at orientation. Postage paid envelopes and post cards will be mailed to your home.

College Fairs  (September-December) (March-May)

There are hundreds of organized college fairs throughout the U.S. and Shippensburg University's admissions team covers a limited geographic area. With dedicated alumni, working both alone and alongside an admissions rep, this is a huge opportunity for us to branch out and increase awareness of Shippensburg University. College Fairs can last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours where you would be speaking with prospective students, parents, coaches, principals, etc. and providing them with information about what SHIP offers. Recruitment materials can be mailed directly to your home prior to the events in which you are covering.

Do you have a passion for Shippensburg? Then consider applying for 1 of 26 board director positions. Directors are elected to a four-year term and meet 4-5 times a year. Alumni board members work together and collaborate with the Alumni Relations Office to increase the visibility and vitality of Shippensburg University and the Alumni Association.

More specifically, the alumni board assists with advising the Alumni Relations Office on alumni programming and activities, evaluates programs, brainstorms new initiatives, and promotes the common success of alumni and Shippensburg University. Board members volunteer with Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, the Alumni Admissions Program and much more. Nominations are accepted each fall with a cut-off of February 1st of the following year. Newly elected board members begin July 1 of that year.

The president and president-elect of your alumni association is Doug Harbach '82 and Mark Bodenhorn '84 respectively. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Alumni Association Board of Directors, contact the Alumni Relations office at or 717-477-1218 with questions or to express your interest. You may complete a Board of Directors Nomination Form on-line or Print a Nomination Form. Information in the form will be used to further review potential candidates for the Alumni Board. Fax to 717-477-4071, or mail to Alumni Relations, 1871 Old Main Dr., Shippensburg, PA 17257.

Additional Information


  • Answer questions about specific career fields
  • Talk with students individually or speak to a class or club
  • Offer a 1 day shadowing opportunity or internships
  • Provide a resume critique or conduct a practice interview with a student

If you are interested in assisting students and fellow alumni with career related questions please contact Lorie Davis to indicate your interest and then register on the Alumni Mentoring Network by logging into SHIP CAREER CONNECT and create a profile. All of your contact information (including email address) is kept private on the mentoring site. View Instructions.


Job shadowing is an opportunity for a student to shadow with an alum who has specific knowledge about an occupation or career in which the student is interested. The student will observe the responsibilities and tasks associated with your career and have the opportunity to ask questions about knowledge, skills, talents and level of education required for your job. The purpose of shadowing is to allow the student to gather career related information and expand their networking connections, it also allows them to build interviewing skills and become aware of trends in the field. Students are given a chance to “test drive” a career for a day (shadow experiences typically occur over the course of 1 day).

If you are interested in providing a shadowing opportunity, view the Job Shadow Host Guide and e-mail Lorie Davis in the Office of Alumni Relations with your name and contact information, major, occupation/job title, and organization where experience would take place or call (717) 477-1218.

Recruit SHIP Alumni & Graduating Seniors: Is your place of employment hiring for entry level positions or experience necessary positions? List the positions with us for advertisement to the applicable audience. Please e-mail a posting of the position with a contact name to Lorie Davis, Alumni Career Services or fax the posting to 717-477-4071.

Pathways to Success Workshop Series: Do you have an area of expertise you would like to present on? Does your place of employment have a large business/conference room? Volunteer to present at one of our Pathways to Success workshops, speak in a classroom, or volunteer your conference room or place of employment for us to host events at your worksite. Great publicity for your place of employment!

Internships: The job market is competitive and internships provide students with a leg up on the competition. Contact Lorie Davis, Alumni Career Services or fax us at 717-477-4071.

We are always looking for alumni volunteers to participate on a panel during new student orientation in June.  A panel presentation is held each day comprised of current SHIP students and alumni. The audience for the panel presentation is comprised of parents of our new students. The role of alumni on the panel is to talk about how SHIP helped you get where you are today (we want to show parents how your SU education has helped you excel in your career and showcase our successful alumni!)

Get involved on a committee!  You can join the Alumni Golf Tournament committee, the Alumni Weekend committee or a subcommittee of Alumni Weekend! The annual Alumni Golf Tournament is always the Thursday after Memorial Day and Alumni Weekend is the Friday- Saturday after Memorial Day.

To be a part of the annual thank-a-thon where we personally call and thank alumni and parents for their financial support, contact Justin Forget, Annual Fund Director.